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Why SHRM19 and balanceTRAK are Like Dany's Dragons...FIRE

Yes, we know. Our intense love of Game of Thrones has lessened since it's finale but those dragons a...

Posted by Carla Pittman, Senior Manager on Jun 19, 2019 6:32:27 PM
Carla Pittman, Senior Manager
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Yes, we know. Our intense love of Game of Thrones has lessened since it's finale but those dragons are still fire—meaning AWESOME—and so is the balanceTRAK booth at SHRM19! Cheesy dragon references aside, the balanceTRAK team is so excited about SHRM this year.


Why? We're veterans at this conference. We've gone to SHRM for literally over a decade...I mean we met kids at SHRM who are whole adults now. (It's a real miracle that I stayed 25 :-) So, when we had the opportunity to showcase our new talent acquisition system—balanceTRAK, we were elated SHRM wasn't going to be the same ole' event for us. In fact, they were lucky I didn't break into my Elaine dance in the company halls. I was thrilled I could attend SHRM with newfound excitement and new possibilities. 

BalanceTRAK doesn't only represent a chance for us to attend SHRM with a new purpose, it represents an entire shift we are seeing in talent acquisition. With all the talk about candidate engagement, AI, automation and everything in between, it's an exciting time to be in HR. What''s funny (or not) is that HR used to be seen as late adopters—the department reluctant to change, or bogged down with too many processes that made change too difficult to think about.

But now I see the transformation...HR and Recruitment professionals realizing that technology and simplicity are a fine pair like Khaleesi and Jon Snow. OK. So that's a horrible comparison right? How about Arya and her Sword, or better still, Sansa and Joe Jonas. Deep down, I'm rooting for you Joe! In all seriousness, this can be a fresh, new SHRM for all of us. Sit in on a session you typically would not attend, visit the expo center with a mission to learn about new technology,  or seek services designed to help you recruit better and smarter. Lastly, stop by booth #2207, so we can vent...I mean chat...about that last episode of Game of Thrones. I can also tell you all about balanceTRAK, and how it will transform your recruitment for the better. And just an FYI...I have giveaways and goodies that I would love to give away!

BTW, my name is Carla and I will be accompanied by these Traktastic Four at SHRM:

Manoj Tiwari, VP, Product Development

Thomas Gizzi, Talent Acquisition Solutions Executive

Christlyn Greaves, Account Executive

Brian Fanning, Account Executive

See you a booth #2207,


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