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Recruitment at Your Fingertips: Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media

Social media is not just for millennials creating a name for themselves in hopes of being the next K...

Posted by Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager on May 21, 2019 1:57:55 PM
Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager

Social media is not just for millennials creating a name for themselves in hopes of being the next Kim Kardashian. Social media has become the greatest communication channel since the invention of the telephone. Not only can you reach your favorite cousin on Sunday, but social media allows you to reach your entire family with just a few clicks. With one post, you expose your message to a limitless audience, and if you’re lucky, get likes, comments, gifs, and smiling emojis. This exposure is the beauty of social media.

So, here comes the pressing question—how can companies take advantage of social media in recruiting? It’s easy to get your cousin to like your posts, but how can you grab the attention of potential talent? Social media is like a watering hole for candidates. Some of your most passive job seekers are hanging out on social media. They use social media as a source for information, including the latest news, trends, and best practices. They are hanging where you SHOULD be hanging. But remember first impressions are lasting impressions so don’t take the opportunity lightly. Some of the best and valuable connections are now made on social media. We may not have all the answers to these questions but here’s a few do’s and don’ts to help you take full advantage of all that social media has to offer. :)


1. Join niche groups. Yes you, the recruiter, should go where the talent goes. Join the conversations with potential top candidates. This will also give insight into what’s trending among this niche group.

2. Search for your unicorn. Find groups where traditionally underrepresented or specialized skilled individuals hang and build relationships.

3. Use hashtags. Hashtags can help increase your visibility for your company and or recruitment page. Your organization may not be a household name now, but they could quickly become with the help of social media.

4. Capture moments worth talking about. Use videos to showcase employees sharing the experience while working with the company. Employees can be your best advocates.

5. Be strategic with your words. Twitter has limits so say what you mean and use your character count wisely. Even with edit features, there is always some waiting to capture a screenshot.


1. Avoid bias. Social media pages don’t always tell a person’s “professional” story. Social media is kind of like the first handshake—there is always more you can learn about a person beyond the initial encounter.

2. Don’t omit background checks. Do your research and get the real story on candidates before you make an offer.

3. Don’t be salesy. We know you’re looking for the ideal candidate but consider the genuine approach when building relationships and then ease into the sale once you have built the relationship. This is a candidate market; they can smell a pitch.

4. Don’t blow your budget on social media buys. You can leverage the free resources of social media and put your money towards jobs fairs and job boards.

5. Analyze your efforts. Social media offers real-time results in all your efforts. You can fine-tune your strategy before you waste too much of your time and money.

Of course, the list of possibilities is endless with social media for recruitment. Many of the popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are making changes daily to improve the experience for both social and business. For this reason alone, you should never put your social media strategy or any recruitment strategy on autopilot. What may work today could tank tomorrow.

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