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OFCCP Releases Applicant Tracking Guide and Recordkeeping FAQ

OFCCP recently released a new webpage aimed at providing compliance assistance documents to contract...

Posted by Danielle Entrot on Aug 27, 2019 4:13:02 PM
Danielle Entrot

OFCCP recently released a new webpageOFCCP Applicant Tracking Image aimed at providing compliance assistance documents to contractors. This page was developed as a result of the OFCCP town hall meetings and includes an OFCCP overview brochure, which introduces the agency and its enforcement approach to contractors.

There is an Applicant Tracking Guide, which outlines recordkeeping requirements for internet applicant and traditional applicant. This guide also provides definition for key terms like Demographic Data and Basic Qualifications.

Another useful document on this webpage is an Applicant Tracking FAQs. This document summarizes all the things contractors should know about applicants and recordkeeping obligations. Some topics these questions include are records from external websites and internal databases, applicant's demographic data, self-identifying as protected veteran or person with disability, and format of recordkeeping applications. 

Overall, aside from the applicant tracking documents, there are two themes that emerge from this new webpage: OFCCP wants contractors to know they are not targeted for reviews if they seek compliance assistance, and there is an emphasis on the agency’s ability to carry out investigations as a result of complaints made directly to the agency. View the new assistance guides here.

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Danielle Entrot
Danielle Entrot
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