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Hut, hut Hike! Quarterbacking an Effective Hiring Team

With the NFL playoffs officially kicking off last week, millions of Americans have football on the b...

Posted by Becca Pipitone, Marketing Comms Specialist on Jan 7, 2020 10:23:48 AM
Becca Pipitone, Marketing Comms Specialist

photo-1517960413843-0aee8e2b3285-1With the NFL playoffs officially kicking off last week, millions of Americans have football on the brain. And it’s no wonder… America’s favorite pastime offers a timeless drama: incorporating physical grit, unpredictability, loyalty, and passionate leadership.

As a leader in the human resources space, you may be surprised to find that there are some striking similarities between HR and the responsibilities of the quarterback. Just as Lamar Jackson calls the plays in the huddle, HR calls the plays when it comes to shaping an effective workforce.

Sure, HR activities like hiring and recruiting can lack the glamour and glitz of a primetime Sunday Night Football game, but beneath the surface there are parallels between leading a football team to victory and achieving effective hiring. Check it out! 

Knowing Your Company’s Playbook

A quarterback must know their team’s playbook inside and out to call the right plays at any given time; similarly it’s crucial for HR professionals to take the time to thoroughly understand what role HR plays in supporting their company’s objectives. 

Once you have a handle on your company’s goals, you can tailor job postings to attract candidates who will be passionate contributors to your mission. And understanding, objectives at a macro level will help you strategically quarterback your hiring at every phase of the hiring cycle: outreach, advertising, interviewing, hiring, etc.

Valuing Team Chemistry and Culture

Chemistry is everything when it comes to having a winning team – and for most football teams, chemistry is shaped by the team’s culture both on and off the field. 

Likewise, when it comes to hiring for your company, consider the predominant attitudes and personalities that comprise your organization’s culture – and recruit candidates who will thrive in that environment and elevate their team’s efforts, both tactically and relationally.

Keeping an Eye on the Prize

In football, there are a lot of different ways to reach the endzone and, meanwhile, there are obstacles everywhere you turn. That’s why it’s so important for a quarterback to keep the end goal in mind – there’s no room for distraction or indecision. 

The same is true for HR professionals seeking to lock down a candidate for a position. While there are many ways to go about recruitment, the more linear the hiring process, the faster you will reach your end goal. But, inevitably, you will run into some obstacles along the way, and your ability to adapt and refocus on your objectives will be crucial to hiring successfully for any given position.

Rolling the Tapes and Tracking Performance

Win or lose, the best football teams spend hours reviewing tapes and analyzing plays to see what worked for them on the field and what didn’t. 

For your hiring team, objectively assessing your performance and effectiveness is equally important. And using an applicant tracking system, like Berkshire’s BalanceTRAK, you’ll have all the data you need to produce reports, making it easy to see where your hiring process is working and where you might need to improve. 

Ultimately, you’re the one that gets to call the plays to bring your team into the endzone.

And the touchdown celebration? Well… maybe we keep that one on the field for now.

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