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HR Life Hacks: How to Search Instagram for Candidates

Autumn is here, which inevitably leads to a spike in Instagram activity, as photos of pumpkin spice ...

Posted by Becca Pipitone, Marketing Comms Specialist on Oct 4, 2019 3:28:24 PM
Becca Pipitone, Marketing Comms Specialist

Instagram CandidatesAutumn is here, which inevitably leads to a spike in Instagram activity, as photos of pumpkin spice lattes and falling leaves flood our social media feeds. So, what better time to divulge a little-known strategy for tapping into Instagram to bring in new hires? 

The Search Pool

Using Instagram to identify and connect with talent is a relatively new strategy, but it’s a fantastic way to find candidates for certain roles – particularly in the digital and creative spaces. Looking for a photographer or designer? Instagram houses thousands of public portfolios, giving you access to a wide range of styles and mediums. Or perhaps you’re seeking a digital marketing manager… and you want to get a sense of an individual’s digital and social presence on this popular platform. Regardless of how you choose to use it, this life hack could give you a leg up on competition.

The Trick

Instagram lacks advanced search capability, making it difficult to search for candidates using the standard features associated with the app. However, there’s a tech work-around that we just had to share.

Using a Boolean search string on Google, you can actually search through all public Instagram accounts for keywords of your choice. 

Simply enter the following into your google search bar to begin your search:

screenshot-www.google.com-2019.09.27-10_10_04For your search purposes, you can change the terms within quotes to specify the position you’re seeking, the location you’re searching, or any other specifications your seeking. You can also expand your search by replacing “AND” with “OR”, which will return results that are inclusive of the terms. 

Keep it Professional

While using this unorthodox method of finding candidates, it’s important to remain professional in your communications. Of course, your first point of communication may be through a private message on Instagram, during which you should introduce yourself, your company, and what attracted you to their profile. You can mention the job opportunity in your message, but you’ll want to move the conversation off of Instagram as quickly as possible, providing an office phone line or work email address for interested candidates to follow up with you.

And that’s it! Now you can supercharge your hiring efforts by proactively seeking out talented clients using Instagram. 

Happy Fall from all of us at balanceTRAK!

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