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How to Ramp Up Hiring for Delivery Drivers and Supply Chain Workers

While business has ground to a halt for many industries, transport, delivery and grocery supply role...

Posted by Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager on Apr 24, 2020 11:47:51 AM

While business has ground to a halt for many industries, transport, delivery and grocery supply roles have been booming. People are stocking up on food, beverages and other essential items and staying in to receive grocery and package deliveries. Transport and delivery organizations play a key role in the supply chain, but employee shortages risk bringing that system crashing down at the moment when it’s most critical.

It’s difficult to walk the line between meeting customer demands and finding the right people for the jobs. Everyone involved in your ramped-up hiring strategy needs to be aligned, from hiring managers to recruiters to candidates themselves. “If you’re trying to fill positions as fast as possible, hiring managers need to be aligned with that vision,” says Taylor Bradley, director and HRBP of global product development at Datto. The process needs to be streamlined across the board — without sacrificing quality.

Here’s how to step-up your hiring process for delivery, transportation and supply chain workers so you can continue serving your clients and customers.

Be Consistent with Communication

The fundamental principles of recruiting and hiring shouldn’t change, Bradley says. They just need to be scaled up. Communication with candidates is especially critical right now. A robust applicant tracking system (ATS) can use technology to scale up communication with candidates. Use your ATS as a communication hub to centralize messages coming in and out and use email and text message templates to speed up communication.

Many candidates have been laid off from other positions recently, and staying in touch demonstrates respect and empathy for their position. “Every second you aren’t providing candidates with updates, they may not be able to pay their bills,” Bradley says. “Make that process as quick and easy as possible while maintaining quality.” Use deadlines to manage their expectations. For example, let candidates know that if they don’t hear from you within a specified 24 hour period, then they weren’t selected.

Show Candidates the Role with Realistic Job Previews

Authenticity is critical for creating a ramped up hiring cycle. You need to show candidates what’s good — and bad — about each position so they can quickly decide whether or not the role is right for them. And be honest about what people may not like about the job. Repelling the wrong candidates minimizes the number of applications your recruiters have to sort through.

“Treat job-seekers as consumers who look in various places for information before making decisions,” says Jason Kent Crowell, recruiting and retention manager at Brady Trucking, Inc. “You want to elicit an emotional reaction: ‘Ugh! I don't want THAT job’ or ‘Yes, that sounds like me!’” This ensures alignment between candidate expectations and the actual role and makes it more likely that hired candidates will stay.

Spell Out Your Safety Philosophy and Protocols

Delivery drivers and other frontline workers in the transport industry are facing increased risk and uncertainty now. A current concern in customer-facing positions is employee health and safety. If you’ve undertaken additional safety measures, let candidates know. It could differentiate you from the competition. “If you’re offering health insurance that kicks in on day one, share that,” Bradley suggests.

Maybe you’ve switched to digital delivery signatures or supplied your office locations with hand sanitizer. Whatever steps you’ve taken, make sure candidates know that their safety is your priority. During the pandemic, organizations that find creative ways to minimize contact have a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting crucial positions in the delivery and transportation industry. But candidates won’t know what steps you’ve taken unless you tell them.

Shine a Spotlight on Retention

Retention has to be integrated into your ramped up recruiting strategy, too. “View employee retention as your department's 'recurring revenue',” Crowell says. Maintaining relationships between recruiters and new hires can help. “When an employee is linked to their recruiter for the employment lifecycle,” Crowell continues, “it fosters relationship, commitment, responsibility and loyalty.” Fostering relationships with new hires can help ensure that they feel connected and supported.

Find out what recent hires were most attracted to and make those your selling points, Bradley suggests. This will give you a snapshot of what current candidates are looking for and help you maintain authenticity in your advertising. Showcase stories from the frontline in your job postings, Crowell suggests. This shows candidates what employees love about the role and allows candidates to envision themselves in that position.

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