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How to Match with the Perfect Candidate

Recruiting often feels like online dating. You reject more people than you connect with, no one seem...

Posted by Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager on Feb 13, 2020 12:00:00 PM

photo-1517849845537-4d257902454aRecruiting often feels like online dating. You reject more people than you connect with, no one seems to live up to their profile, and, in some cases, you can end up back on the scene three months later.

This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to leave the broken hearts club of recruiters and swipe right on the perfect candidate for your company.

We know that’s a particularly tall order for those of you in high-volume hiring operations such as manufacturing and transportation. Deloitte predicts up to 2.4 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled by 2028. That’s a lot of heartache if you don’t have a method to attract the best talent.

As you fight to fill those jobs, it can be tempting to hire anyone who meets your minimum qualifications. But, as we know, settling for Mr. or Mrs. Right Now -- instead of holding out for Mr. or Mrs. Right -- rarely works out. 

So how do you woo the perfect match for your company? Take these steps to land “the one” on Valentine’s Day and beyond.


Know What You Want

Clues to discovering your ideal candidate are right under your nose. Study your existing employees to see what skills and traits your most successful people exhibit. Then prioritize those skills and traits as you hunt for new candidates for those roles, says Elena Valentine, CEO and co-founder of Skill Scout

Just like in any serious relationship, values matter.  Candidates who share your company’s values are as important as those with the right skills, Valentine explains. These candidates are more likely to fit in with your company culture — and therefore stay longer. “Communicating your values means investing in building your employer brand,” Valentine says. “Give candidates an opportunity to get an authentic window into the role and your company culture.” 

It’s better to show rather than tell candidates about your company culture. Incorporate videos on your career landing page or live streams on social media to give candidates a better feel for what it’s really like to work at your company, Valentine says. For more ideas like this, check out this balanceTRAK webinar featuring Elena Valentine on how to give your brand a makeover!


Mingle More to Avoid Missed Connections

Recruiters need to constantly be courting candidates like a speed dater. “This means ensuring jobs are always listed as open, responding to applicants immediately and ensuring the hiring process is swift, efficient and personable,” says Robin Schooling, managing partner at the Peridus Group.

An excellent candidate experience is essential to reeling in the right match. Making applications mobile-friendly and easier to fill out will make your application more accessible to a larger audience and increase the likelihood of finding the skills you need. “One of the biggest challenges high-volume industries face is the time spent screening and filtering through candidates,” Valentine says. “The primary goal should be focused on how to keep the process simple and to the point for both the candidate and the recruiter.”

Consider reaching candidates through industry influencers on social media. “For example, there is a large community of trucking enthusiasts on YouTube that follow influencers on the latest and greatest trends,” Valentine points out. “How might you work with a YouTube influencer like Trucker Josh to get the message out?”

But optimizing your candidate search might mean using older methods of recruiting, too. Not everyone has access to the internet, says Celinda Appleby, global talent attraction director at Visa. She suggests handing out postcards with your office hours at job fairs to increase non-internet-based engagement. “Meeting candidates where they’re at is critical to attracting the right match for skill-based roles,” she says.

Craft a Seductive Narrative … That’s Accurate

Nobody likes when that online crush doesn’t look like their profile picture. So, don’t catfish candidates — write job postings that set up realistic expectations for the role. 

 “A well-written job posting will weave a story so that candidates not only learn what’s required, but can also envision themselves in the job,” Schooling says. Instead of spelling everything out in the posting, you can link to the job description, so candidates can take a deeper look at the technical requirements. 

If you have the perks employees want, flaunt them. Candidates value benefits such as a 401(k) plan with a healthy employer match, a flexible vacation policy and subsidized child care; those benefits may make the difference between the right hire or the one who got away.

Finally, let candidates know how they can live happily ever after with your company. “Being able to articulate a career path from the beginning will win you more attention from qualified candidates,” Appleby says. And that kind of attention can lead to the perfect match.

Happy hunting! And from all of us at balanceTRAK, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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