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Get Branded: How to Improve Your Online Employer Branding to Attract the Modern Job-Seeker

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that recruiting has changed quite a bit — especially...

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Get BrandedYou don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that recruiting has changed quite a bit — especially in the past decade. There are two primary forces driving these changes.

The first is technology. As internet access and social media platforms have expanded, branding has become more essential to a company’s success. Given changing attention spans and an over saturation of content, people are seeing your company on social media and making snap judgments based on your presentation in the public sphere. Ten or twenty years ago your company would have been judged on its merits and services, rather than the way it presents itself in social media. But the reality is that for today’s job-seekers, social media plays a key role in how they perceive a company — and whether they decide to apply for your opening.

The second is today’s emphasis on values and authenticity. We’re seeing that the next generation of employees and consumers are more interested in organizations being authentic and true to their values. They’re looking at your brand with an eye for your principles and the causes you represent. But weaving your values into your brand can be as simple as promoting an organization-wide recycling program or a celebrity who represents your values.

Both technology and values come together for your employer branding. Here are some best practices for building your employer brand in our digital age.

Root Your Messaging in Your Corporate Values

The first step is to determine your corporate values and priorities and to clearly express what those are. Your website’s About Us page is a great place for this. Also, remember that every message that you share publicly — whether a blog post, an email or a tweet — has to show those values and align with them in some way.

Learn Your Audience — and Speak Directly to Them

After you have established your values, you have room to play with tone. Your tone will vary depending on your audience, and different social platforms tend to cater to different populations.

Do a bit of market research if you don’t know where to start. Leverage your Facebook dashboard, for example, to see what those demographics look like. Your values shouldn’t change from one platform to the next, but the way you express them should vary depending on your audience.

As you approach these different platforms, you need to know what the audience is expecting of you. For example, if a company has a Facebook audience that is largely women between the ages of 36 and 50, tailor your messaging toward that specific demographic.

But remember — regardless of tone or platform, your values have to be consistent across the board.

Sharpen Your Image, Literally

Make sure the logos on your various candidate-facing platforms are current. You’d be surprised at how many organizations overlook this. Additionally, make sure the logos are high-resolution and placed correctly on the page.

Anything that comes across as sloppy can reflect poorly on your company. Your online presence is an extension of who you are as an organization. If you appear inconsistent or messy, candidates are far less likely to show any interest in your company.

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