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Email Newsletters for Recruiting: Nurturing Your Best Candidates

The talent shortage has already taken a toll on hiring in the transport industry. The American Truck...

Posted by Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager on Feb 24, 2020 12:07:36 PM
Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager

photo-1523740856324-f2ce89135981The talent shortage has already taken a toll on hiring in the transport industry. The American Trucking Associations predict 160,000 unfilled positions by the end of the decade. With numbers as bleak as these, recruiting must remain a top priority for the transportation industry. To stand out from the crowd, recruiters will need to take a more active approach than waiting for candidates to come to them.

Inbound recruiting is a strategy for building a recruiting brand that relies on providing value to candidates. It can be as simple as emailing candidates who have been edged out of previous job openings.

Branding helps your clients make decisions regarding which company to employ. Inbound recruiting lets you apply the same branding technique toward attracting job candidates. A 2017 survey reported that 46% of North American employees are passively seeking other work. These are candidates you can attract and bring into your fold. 

Here are three ways to use email newsletters to support your recruiting goals.

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Build Marketing into Day-to-Day Operations

Recruiters in transportation and other high volume industries are pressed for time, so finding the bandwidth for content creation can be hard. But weekly newsletters don’t have to be overblown or excessive. You can make it easier by sharing what you know, suggests Hung Lee, content curator at Recruiting Brainfood

“You can take vignettes from the work you do and convert these into content for an email campaign,” he says. A good starting point might be covering topics that you’ve noticed your candidates have questions about. 

You can also frame and share content from other channels with your email audience. The primary benefit of email newsletters comes from engaging and interacting with candidates. “Email is a direct relationship,” says James daSilva, a senior editor at SmartBrief, a B2B email newsletter publishing company. “Maybe it's your own or maybe it's outside content, but either way you’re sharing expertise.”

Employees can also bring a valuable voice to email newsletters. In fact, candidates are 3 times more likely to trust content that comes directly from employees. If employees are interested in sharing their stories of working with your organization, you can enlist their help in generating content. This minimizes your workload and delivers the content candidates want directly to their inboxes.


Create an Employee Experience Snapshot

You can provide the most value by anticipating your readers’ actual experiences in the industry. “Readers have a thirst for what’s real,” Lee says. “it’s often what appears to be the most mundane material which gets the most audience engagement.” 

A series of emails on career advancement in transportation, for example, both provides value and allows you to communicate that aspect of your brand to your readers. It shows that you’ve given thought to career advancement opportunities.

“By sharing that content, you're giving a window into what the employee experience is actually like,” daSilva points out. That glimpse into the employee experience sets up expectations and builds brand reputation. After all, if you’re thinking about candidates’ needs before they come on board, they will expect a matching employee experience. And that could give you a huge recruiting advantage.

All of this content establishes your employer brand. Research shows that 75% of candidates consider an employer’s brand before applying. This includes employee engagement, opportunities for advancement and overall employee experience.


Drive Engagement Through Content

The ultimate goal of email newsletters is to drive traffic and engagement towards your career landing page. “Email newsletters are really about delivering value,” daSilva says. “Ideally candidates will reciprocate that by looking at your jobs page or passing it along to a friend.”

But if the thought of writing scares you, keep in mind that writing is never really “complete,” Lee points out. So don’t fret over perfection — leaving content open-ended actually gives recruiters an advantage. Content can pose questions that invite engagement from readers. Interactions with candidates are key to inbound recruiting and build trust between recruiters and candidates.

Short punchy email newsletters can provide insight while also inviting candidates to participate in the conversation. Pairing email newsletters with surveys or other opportunities for engagement on your social media channels helps to boost the impact even more.

“Never finish your story,” Lee says. “This is an open invitation for the audience to be involved in the content.”

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