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Maximizing Cyber Monday to Save on Your Talent Acquisition System

This Cyber Monday, Don't Miss the Chance to Level Up Your Talent Acquisition Communication is a crit...

Posted by Manoj Tiwari, VP, Product Development on Nov 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM
Manoj Tiwari, VP, Product Development
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This Cyber Monday, Don't Miss the Chance to Level Up Your Talent Acquisition

Communication is a critical aspect of effective talent acquisition. Good, consistent communication demonstrates respect for job applicants and reflects well on your employer brand. And while you can’t purchase good communication, you can buy the tools you need to support it.

Cyber Monday Deal

From Cyber Monday through the end of 2019, new balanceTRAK users will receive a year of two-way integrated texting for free with a subscription to balanceTRAK. This centralized texting capacity is unique and makes communicating with candidates easier than ever before.

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Here are three of the top benefits that balanceTRAK’s two-way integrated texting option has to offer — and why you should invest in an ATS today.

Communication Made Easy

A centralized communication center supports better communication. balanceTRAK’s communication center integrates emails and text messages so that any communication with a candidate — whether incoming or outgoing — can be found in one location. Phone calls can also be documented.

It’s important to keep searchable communication records. Since anyone on your HR team who interacts with the candidate can have access to these records, it’s easy for everyone to stay on the same page. A recruiter may be the main contact, for example, but the hiring manager can go into the system to see the email and text communications that have been exchanged. This keeps everyone involved up-to-date on the hiring process. balanceTRAK’s communication center makes keeping up with applicants easy.


More Effective Than Traditional Methods

The communication center is boosted by an integrated interview scheduling calendar, so even communication surrounding interview dates and times can be found all in one place. Your team can opt to have communications go out via text or email (or both), increasing the likelihood that applicants will respond.

Candidates are less likely to respond to direct phone calls than they are to emails or text messages, so text-based communication is the way to go. And since most candidates will have enabled push notifications for their email or text messages, using one of those forms of communication increases responsiveness by putting your messages directly in front of candidates. This can reduce time-to-hire since there’s no phone tag involved, which increases applicant satisfaction.

Informed Candidates Have a Better Experience

It’s no surprise that candidates who are kept in the loop have a better candidate experience. Nobody wants to encounter surprises, especially during the application and interview processes. By boosting your candidate communication through a centralized communication center, you can keep candidates both informed and happy.

When candidates receive updates on their application status, they know where they stand in the hiring process. They can feel confident that their application hasn’t been lost in a vacuum because a quick text can let them know exactly which stage of the process they’re in. This is incredibly easy to do from the communication center and demonstrates a remarkable respect for the candidate’s time. Candidates will notice and appreciate that, whether they make it to the hiring stage or not.

Don't miss your chance to level up your talent acquisition with this exclusive Cyber Monday deal. Claim your free year of texting with a balanceTRAK subscription today!

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Manoj Tiwari, VP, Product Development
Manoj Tiwari, VP, Product Development
Manoj Tiwari is VP of Product Development at Berkshire and oversees the development of balanceTRAK talent acquisition system.

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