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All I Want for Christmas Is Top Talent: Get Those Coveted Candidates

If you could have anything for Christmas, we bet you would ask for the top talent your organization ...

Posted by Danielle Entrot on Dec 20, 2019 2:37:19 PM
Danielle Entrot

All I Want for Christmas is Top TalentIf you could have anything for Christmas, we bet you would ask for the top talent your organization needs to fill in the gaps in your workforce. Not having the right talent in the right place can jeopardize your entire organization, and the responsibility typically falls squarely on HR’s shoulders.

But in a job market as tight as this one, getting quality candidates through the door is more and more difficult. Your organization has to stand out from the very beginning. The best way to recruit top talent is to draw candidates in and make their experience seamless and easy.

As much as we’d all love to have top talent gifted to us, it simply doesn’t happen without a lot of calculated effort from HR and recruiting teams. So take a swig of your peppermint mocha and let’s dive into three ways to recruit top talent through curating an excellent candidate experience.

Use Social Media to Showcase Employee Stories

If you want to attract top talent, you have to showcase what sets your organization apart from every competitor out there: your people and culture. What you have is unique, and that’s your differentiator. Create social media campaigns that involve your entire organization. Visuals like photos and videos are eye-catching and give your employees the chance to demonstrate their unique personalities.

For the best results, be consistent. Sharing little tidbits about employees — like their favorite holiday coffee — sounds extremely minimal, but consistent posting puts your employer brand out there and humanizes your workforce. This goes a long way when attracting top talent. If your current employees are happy and excited about their work, their demeanor does your recruiting for you. It’s just up to you to spread the word.

Create an Inviting and User-Friendly Career Page

Your unique employer brand sets you apart, and it’s critical to showcase that on your career page. Standard career pages just link to available positions and online applications, but you have the opportunity to do so much more. Take Canva, for example. The first thing you see on this career page is employees working together and having a great time. By frontloading compelling visuals of your team, you draw candidates into the employee experience. By the time they scroll to the available jobs, they’re excited to hit that “Apply” button.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Once a would-be candidate has clicked into an application, make sure your technology is running smoothly. Avoid repetitive tasks like having a candidate upload a resume, then manually inputting the exact same information. Introducing tedious tasks into the process can cause you to lose the momentum you’ve gained through storytelling and branding.

Improve the Candidate Experience Through Technology

We rely on our cellphones for pretty much everything, and you’ll have candidates applying via their phones. It’s critical to design your application and assessment process for mobile-first delivery. This design can be easily translated to tablets and traditional computer screens, whereas computer-first designs don’t translate well to mobile. These little elements can make a huge difference in the candidate experience — and help you reel in that top talent.

Communication is important too. Submitting an application is stressful for any candidate, but immediate assurance that their resume was received and is under consideration can bring some comfort. While this is difficult for human recruiters to carry out with consistency, it’s no problem for AI. Integrating chatbots and automated emails into your ATS can help in maintaining and consolidating candidate communication, producing a smoother experience for both parties.

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Danielle Entrot
Danielle Entrot
Marketing Coordinator at Berkshire

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