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A Simple Way to Improve Quality in Talent Acquisition

According to our latest talent acquisition survey, 40% of companies are increasing their headcount t...

Posted by Madeline Laurano on May 21, 2019 1:54:51 PM

According to our latest talent acquisition survey, 40% of companies are increasing their headcount this year and as a result, need to think about investing in the right solutions. Many of these companies are thinking differently about some of the basic areas of talent acquisition rather than investing in what seems to be “new.” Companies want solutions that can help ensure quality of hire and provide a better candidate experience. It sounds simple but with thousands of solutions entering the market, finding providers you can trust is more valuable than bells and whistles.

Over 50% of companies said background screening solutions have the greatest impact on quality. Screening solutions help organizations make better decisions around the talent they are bringing into the organization. Most companies are investing in criminal background checks as well as verification of employment and education. And…over 60% of companies view screening as so strategic they are moving it up in the process.

Here are some solutions to improve both sides of quality: quality of hire and the quality of the candidate experience:

Quality of Hire: Background screening is one-way organizations can improve quality of hire by providing another layer of objectivity needed to make better decisions and retain talent. When an organization can eliminate applicants that do not fit the position or role in the process, they can focus on the individuals that are more likely to contribute to organizational performance and growth. Organizations that are taking a more strategic approach to background screening—deeply probing into relevant information on candidates and relying on more than single errors to reject candidates—identify quality hires. Companies that invest in screening are three times more likely to track quality of hire.

Quality of the Experience: Aptitude’s research shows that investing in the right provider improves efficiency and the quality of hire and the overall candidate experience. Companies that invest in background screening solutions are viewing it as part of the process and are twice as likely to have improved their overall candidate experience in the past year. A proper and efficient screening process saves candidates the headache of getting too far along in the application process before being rejected. According to research from The Talent Board, on average, over a quarter of the employers surveyed stated that 50-75% of applicants aren’t qualified for the jobs they applied for across job classifications. Companies that invest in screening improve the candidate experience and track it so they can make changes and communicate better in the future.

Companies that invest in a strategic background screening provider can trust that the data about candidates is reliable. Thus, the quality of hire and the experience is improved.

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