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Supercharge Your Talent Acquisition

Learn How Manufacturing Companies Can Supercharge Their Talent Acquisition

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Talent acquisition is challenging right now for every industry, but those challenges are particularly unique in manufacturing. High turnover rates, seasonal hiring rushes, and the challenge of meeting ever-changing production quotas can contribute to a stressful environment. It’s no wonder many people search for some “secret sauce” that will turn recruiting from an art into a science. Download this FREE eGuide to explore best practices for recruiting in the manufacturing industry. 

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Did You Know?

Seventy-five million workers in the United States will retire in the next decade and be replaced by a talent pool of just 45 million. Download this eGuide to learn what other levers will impact recruitment in the future. 

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Hiring Won't Get Easier

Current demographics, labor participation and unemployment rates make recruiting more challenging than in the past. Talent Acquisition leaders in manufacturing must begin to identify and grow their sources for talent. Complete the form up top to download balanceTRAK’s latest eGuide.
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About balanceTRAK

BalanceTRAK is a talent acquisition system purpose-built for high-volume hiring in the manufacturingcustomer service, transportation, and franchise industries. It’s simple, powerful, and adaptable, and gives you the hiring horsepower you need to keep your recruitment engine running. 

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