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Compliant Applicant Tracking for Federal Contractors

BalanceTRAK is backed by over 35 years of OFCCP and EEOC compliance experience.

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Hire Right

Federal contractors no longer have to compromise between being compliant with federal regulations and competing for talent. With balanceTRAK, companies can build a culture of inclusive hiring, get the features they need to hire the best, and the expert support they need to succeed in both.

BalanceTRAK was developed by Berkshire Associates, the leading provider of affirmative action solutions for federal contractors. 


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Conscious and Compliant

The composition of a workforce speaks volumes of a company's core values. Conscious companies choose balanceTRAK to drive the success of building an inclusive and compliant culture, without compromising on features.


Requisition Management

Create templates for hiring forms and fields and set approval processes for a more structured workflow. And as you look to fill new job requisitions, you know you’ve set the right foundation for successful and consistent hiring practices.

AA/EEO Compliance

Comply with OFCCP and/or the EEOC requirements with features that a culture of inclusive hiring. Proactively evaluate hiring activity to ward off and correct possible unlawful or discriminatory practices.

Hiring Dashboard

When your juggling multiple recruitment campaigns, the ability to spot-check performance is a must-have. BalanceTRAK’s dashboard displays data you find most relevant so you can quickly react to areas that need your attention.

Automated Workflows

Save time and encourage consistent practices with automated workflows. From approval processes to email responses, automating certain tasks frees up time to focus on what's important - finding the right talent. 

Team Collaboration

Move recruiting out of its silo and provide the perfect hub for joining forces with hiring managers and create a unified experience for your internal team. 

Job Posting

Distribute your postings to the world’s most popular job boards. Simultaneously publish to sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Careerbuilder, and Monster with a click of a button.


The 80% Problem

In a world where 80% of customers are unhappy with their ATS, it's time companies stopped sacrificing ease-of-use to get the talent they need. Companies choose balanceTRAK because it is purpose-built for the people who use it—and the talent they wish to hire. It’s easy to implement, easy to use, ultimately making it easy to hire.


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Comply Without Compromise

BalanceTRAK is the perfect companion to your affirmative action compliance efforts. It provides the structure you need to monitor and manage your targeted hiring activities. 

With balanceTRAK you can:

  • Provide an infrastructure for your definition of an Internet Applicant
  • Collect self-ID information
  • Track and measure source performance
  • Meet recordkeeping requirements 
  • Disposition job seekers and candidates consistently 
  • Centralize all hiring forms 
  • Mitigate unconscious bias through automation


Browse through recruitment and AA/EEO compliance resources created by our expert staff.

Free Webinar - Tackling the Outreach Requirement

Expert Sonia Chapin explains what qualifies as outreach to targeted groups such as Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities

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Learn the latest on how to comply with laws that govern Individuals with Disabilities in the workplace.

Requesting Self-ID Beyond Male and Female

“Are we allowed to ask employees and applicants to identify beyond just the male or female genders?”

Are Resumes Dying?

If the résumé’s death has been exaggerated, the cover letter’s farewell has been severely under-reported.

OFCCP Releases Compliance Guides

OFCCP recently released a new web page aimed at providing compliance assistance documents to contractors. 

Plagued by Recruiting Woes? Here's How to Fix Your Processes

I talk to recruiting leaders in a wide range of industries, and even though their candidate pools are very different, they share a lot of the same talent acquisition headaches.

How the Candidate Experience Will Change in the Next 5 Years



Nemo nibh, condimentum autem ligula ultricies, velit, sociosqu eos voluptatibus modi.

OFCCP Issues Second Opinion Letter on Pay Analysis Groups


  • Who We Are

    We are a company where HR people and technology people work together to solve HR challenges.

  • Stellar Support

    Our clients-first philosophy means our customers' needs are incorprorated into every aspect of decisionmaking.

  • Our Services

    In addition to a talent acquisition system, Berkshire offers a variety of AA/EEO and pay equity solutions.

Other balanceTRAK Features


Engage Star Candidates

BalanceTRAK improves your company’s ability to respond to job seekers with immediacy; and with personalized emails. In today’s competitive recruitment environment, your response time could mean the difference between losing or winning star candidates. 


Prioritize Job Seekers

There’s the art of finding the right talent, and then there’s the help of science. BalanceTRAK’s screening and scoring capability use the science of assigning values to prescreening questions to automatically identify the best matches. 


Demonstrate Your Impact 

Run reports to evaluate what’s working and optimize areas that need improvement. BalanceTRAK reports provide the data you need to drive better hiring results. Analyze drop-off rates, job seeker dispositions, posting sources, the status of requisitions, time-to-fill, and more.


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