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Streamline Hiring for Your Local Business

with balanceTRAK | Local Retail Edition

Berkshire partners with the Maryland Retailers Association to give local businesses a boost




Partnering with Berkshire to get Candidates in the Door

With the holidays fast-approaching, filling seasonal positions has become a top priority for businesses nationwide – and the Maryland Retailers Association wants to give its members an edge on this competitive labor market. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that the Maryland Retailers Association is partnering with Berkshire Associates to offer its members a simple, affordable way to hire the best available job seekers without investing in a costly applicant tracking system.

This year, Berkshire is offering members of the Maryland Retailers Association exclusive access to our newest service: a custom hiring solution called balanceTRAK | Local Retail Edition.

BalanceTRAK | Local Retail Edition makes it easy to manage job postings and communicate with candidates, streamlining the process on both ends to get qualified candidates in the door. 

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BalanceTRAK | Local Retail Edition includes:

✔️ A shared, yet individualized applicant tracking system to manage your job openings, applicants and potential hires

✔️ “Pay-as-you-go” option, starting as low as $200 per position. No long-term commitment, no volume requirement

✔️ Creation and posting of your open job listings up to 60 days on Maryland Retailers Association’s website, Indeed’s general postings, National Labor Exchange for free and $99 per job for 30 days at ZipRecruiter

✔️ Search and access your full list of applicants through balanceTRAK

✔️ Management of centralized communications via email, conduct keyword searches, flag applicants for further review, schedule interviews, and most importantly, identify who you want to hire

Additional options and full-featured balanceTRAK subscription are available upon request.

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