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Hiring Transportation

Transportation Industry

Acquire the Talent You Need

Whether you need an over the road driver or a supply chain manager, balanceTRAK talent acquisition system helps you identify candidates with the right skills, certifications, and qualifications.
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Find Quality Candidates

The transportation industry is not immune to the affects of modernization, and staying in step with current recruitment practices is the key to effectively filling vacant positions. BalanceTRAK contains the features you need to keep your operation moving. Use prescreeners to quickly find job seekers with credentials, and seamlessly perform background checks to improve your speed to hire with quality candidates. Work smarter, not harder, with the help of balanceTRAK's automation and workflow capabilities.

Automated Workflows

Like the flow of successful logistics management, your recruitment process should go just as smoothly. BalanceTRAK’s workflow automation tools provide the right platform to manage every phase of the recruitment cycle. Schedule a demo and see how balanceTRAK can assist you with effective talent acquisition. 

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