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Franchise Industry

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Over 3,800 Franchise Brands

According to reports, there are over 3,800 franchise brands in the U.S. This is a record high for franchising, resulting in deep competition for full- and part-time workers. Hiring efficiently can make a huge difference on your bottom line. Franchises use balanceTRAK talent acquisition system to help manage their hiring and better compete for qualified talent. 

Recruit the Right Way

Recruitment is important when it comes to running a franchise. Ensuring you recruit the right kind of talent can make the difference between a franchise that thrives in the long term, and one that fails to succeed at all. balanceTRAK's automation and workflows can help you save time and run a more successful recruiting campaign, making the hires you need in an efficient way. Click here to schedule some time—at your convenience—to see how balanceTRAK helps franchises with talent acquisition.

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