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Customer Service

Acquire the Talent You Need

Customer service and retail positions typically attract an avalanche of applicants, and as the qualifications of these roles evolve, so does the need to automate the process. Companies who need to identify candidates who have a greater aptitude for customer service use balanceTRAK’s prescreening tools to find the right talent, quicker and faster.  

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Improve Speed to Hire

According to Indeed, the retail industry faces multiple challenges when it comes to hiring the talent they need. The qualifications of these roles have changed, and the low unemployment rate makes it difficult to hire at a pace that keeps up with the fast pace of retail. 

Automate Your Process

Identifying the right candidates in a flood of applications can easily become disorganized. BalanceTRAK helps you create an automated process that identifies the most qualified applicants. You choose the skills, abilities, and the qualifiers, and let balanceTRAK do the rest. As job seekers apply, balanceTRAK categorizes them so you can focus on the candidates with the greatest potential to hire. Using these workflow settings, along with the other automated features, creates a better and more organized process. Schedule a demo and see how balanceTRAK can assist you with effective talent acquisition. 

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