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High-Volume Hiring

BalanceTRAK’s hiring horsepower keeps the recruitment engine running. Whether you have one or 1,000 jobs to fill, balanceTRAK gets the job done. 

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Manage High-Volume Hiring

Whether you’re hiring seasonally, opening a new location, or faced with the challenge of bulk hiring, balanceTRAK can support your high-volume hiring demands. BalanceTRAK’s platform is especially designed to route high applicant traffic to their appropriate qualified or unqualified designations. This means you spend more time focused on your staffing goals, while balanceTRAK’s automated workflows handle the tedious, administrative tasks. Use automated workflows to obtain approvals, post jobs, prescreen job seekers, send auto-responses, disposition candidates, and document the stages of your interview steps. Use the collaboration tools to help coordinate with hiring teams of different departments, locations, or establishments. BalanceTRAK provides the structure and consistency needed to bring manageability to an otherwise unmanageable feat. To hear more about how balanceTRAK can help you with your high-volume hiring, contact us at info@balancetrak.com or schedule a demo with one of our high-volume hiring executives. 


List of Features

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