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What is High-Demand Hiring?

BalanceTRAK Improves Speed-to-Hire for High-Demand Job Listings

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Hire Smart. Hire Right.

High-demand hiring occurs when you attract a high volume of applicants for a particular position. This could be an ongoing, evergreen requisition that stays posted due to high turnover, or highly sought after position that draws hundreds of candidates. In either case, the ability to sort and filter through candidates to find the most qualified is critical. BalanceTRAK includes features to help companies auto-sort applicants by qualifications, send auto-responses, and automate workflows around finding the right candidate. 

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Improve Your Speed to Hire

Employees are the lifeblood of a successful business. This makes recruitment a critical ingredient of achieving corporate goals. Depending on the positions needed, and the caliber of talent required, any size company can have high-demand hiring challenges. BalanceTRAK is an affordable option to help companies filter through the flood of résumés and quickly spot ideal candidates. And since balanceTRAK adapts to your processes, it will grow as you grow, and accommodate your current and future conditions. To hear more about how balanceTRAK can help you with your high-demand hiring, contact us at info@balancetrak.com or schedule a demo with one of our high-demand hiring experts.

List of Features

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