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Are You Checking the Boxes?

Crafting gender neutral job descriptions is something that all organizations should strive for.


Beyond the ethical and moral case for gender equality in the workplace, there’s a practical reason that gender neutral job descriptions should be top of mind for every HR leader: Organizations with gender equality are more profitable. 

So let's start by making sure your job descriptions check out as gender neutral. Download our free guide today! 

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Did You Know?

Many college degrees trend toward specific genders. More men, for example, have computer programming degrees, while more women have teaching degrees. As such, by asking for a specific degree, you run the risk of unintentionally minimizing the number of a particular gender who might apply for a position.

Gender CL

Hiring Won't Get Easier

Current demographics, labor participation and unemployment rates make recruiting more challenging than in the past. That's why, now more than ever, you can't afford to inadvertently alienate one gender with your job description. 

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