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BalanceTRAK was built on one core principle—giving you the features you need, without the clutter of the ones you don’t.

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Match Your Ebb and Flow

BalanceTRAK applicant tracking technology matches the ebb and flow of recruiting. As your hiring needs change, balanceTRAK scales with you. In fact, balanceTRAK’s infrastructure can handle as little as one or over a thousand requisitions. For industrial organizations, balanceTRAK is ideal for high-volume hiring for multiple plants, establishments, or locations.

Match Your Ebb and Flow Desktop of main screen of balanceTRAK

Manage Requisitions

BalanceTRAK helps you begin your new-hire journey the right way. It keeps you on the right path throughout every stage of the hiring cycle. To start, recruiters can create templates for hiring forms and set approval processes for a more structured workflow. And as you look to fill new job requisitions, you know you’ve set the right foundation for successful and consistent hiring practices. So, whether you have one or hundreds of positions to fill, balanceTRAK brings order, manageability, and a sense of ease to your entire process.

Manage Requisitions Desktop with view of balacneTRAK screen

Strengthen Team Collaboration

BalanceTRAK moves recruiting out of its silo. It provides the perfect hub for joining forces with hiring managers, and creates a unified experience for your internal team. You can forward résumés, evaluate candidates, and together, weigh-in on which job seeker moves to the next step. Features like workflow automation, requisition management, and email notification reduce communication breakdowns and prevent the loss of star candidates.

Strengthen Team Collaboration with desktop of balanceTRAK screen

Engage Star Candidates

BalanceTRAK improves your company’s ability to respond to job seekers with immediacy and with personalized emails. In today’s competitive recruitment environment, your response time could mean the difference between losing or winning star candidates. BalanceTRAK’s easy email editor helps you create templates, and automatically trigger engaging emails based on activity, or type of job seeker. 

Engage Star Candidates with desktop of balanceTRAK screen

Distribute Job Postings

Distribute your postings to the world’s most popular job boards. Simultaneously publish to sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Careerbuilder, US.jobs, and Monster with a click of a button. To amplify your reach, share your job postings on social media, and encourage your employees to share with their networks. With balanceTRAK you can manage your posting campaigns from one central platform. 

Distribute Job Postings with desktop of balanceTRAK posting screen

Custom Career Page

Use your own branded career page to boost your employer brand and build your candidate pipeline. A well-built career page can set you apart from your competitors and give job seekers a glimpse into your corporate culture. Make an awesome first impression with your career page to improve your response rates, and your chances of attracting the best talent.

Custom Career Page with desktop if careers page option

Prescreen Job Seekers

There’s the art of finding the right talent, and then there’s the help of science. BalanceTRAK’s screening and scoring capability uses the science of assigning values to prescreening questions and keyword scoring to automatically identify the best matches. The result is a filtered list of qualified candidates that can be prioritized for further evaluation. This gives you the time you need to find the right match for the job, and artfully find the right fit your work culture. 

Prescreen Job Seekers with desktop of balanceTRAK page

Safety and Security

BalanceTRAK’s built-in security is designed to protect personally identifiable information, and to safeguard your data using current industry protocols. Your data remains secure in a hosted environment certified annually for SOC 2 and SOC 3 compliance. You can also control user access with role-based permissions, and single sign-on is available.  

Safety and Security with desktop of balanceTRAK

Get the Right Hire...Fast

Have you ever gotten to the point of making an offer, only to find that the candidate was snatched up before you could get to them? BalanceTRAK makes it easy to manage job postings and communicate with candidates, streamlining the process on both ends to get qualified candidates in the door -- and prevent missed opportunities.


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