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Cracking the Code: How to Bring on Gen Z Makers

in Manufacturing

Recorded: October 8, 2019

With Guest Speaker

Elena Valentine


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Cracking the Code: How to Bring on Gen Z Makers

Recorded: October 8, 2019

According to the Alliance for American Manufacturing, 27 percent of Gen Z said they are willing to work in manufacturing. This number seems low (and it is) but promising. The figure is higher than Millennials, and other generations polled. Generation Z gives us hope. With over 500,000 manufacturing jobs open—there's no doubt—manufacturing needs to bring on Gen Z. 

In this webinar, expert and Skill Scout Co-founder, Elena Valentine and Co-host Manoj Tiwari, VP of Product Development at balanceTRAK, discuss effective ways to "crack the code" of how to attract Generation Z to manufacturing jobs. How can companies appeal to this generation? What motivates Gen Z? What does effective communication look like? What tools are available to modernize your talent acquisition? Hear these questions answered and more by completing the form to view the recording of this webinar now!


Manoj Tiwari Round


Manoj Tiwari, VP Product Development

Berkshire | balanceTRAK

Manoj Tiwari, AKA "Talent Techie," will host this session for a lively, interactive webinar experience. Manoj is an HR technology enthusiast and has spent the last 17 years helping HR professionals work smarter through the use of innovative technology. He is best known for overseeing the development of Berkshire's talent acquisition system, balanceTRAK

Elena Valentine


Elena Valentine, Co-Founder

Skill Scout

Elena loves helping companies showcase their jobs in a dynamic and exciting way. Elena guides companies through the process of using video to highlight what is great about their work culture, and to boost their attractiveness to potential job seekers.

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