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Checking the Boxes: Do's & Don'ts for Hiring within the Law


Recorded in December 2019

With Special Guest Presenter

Evil HR Lady


FREE webinar!

Checking the Boxes: Do's & Don'ts for Hiring within the Law

Recorded in December 2019

In today’s hiring environment, it’s easy to fall trap to subtle legal violations throughout the talent acquisition process. What questions are you allowed to ask of a candidate? What should you look out for during the background check process? How can you level the playing field for individuals with disabilities – and what’s the best way to track your outreach efforts?

In this webinar, Evil HR Lady’s Suzanne Lucas tackles these questions and more, to help you navigate the intersection of employment law and talent acquisition.

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Manoj Tiwari Round


Manoj Tiwari, VP Product Development

Berkshire | balanceTRAK

Manoj Tiwari, AKA "Talent Techie," will host this session for a lively, interactive webinar experience. Manoj is an HR technology enthusiast and has spent the last 17 years helping HR professionals work smarter through the use of innovative technology. He is best known for overseeing the development of Berkshire's talent acquisition system, balanceTRAK.

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Suzanne Lucas, Founder

Evil HR Lady

Suzanne Lucas is a writer and speaker who focuses on Human Resources and Business issues. She spent 10 years in corporate HR where she hired, fired, managed the numbers, and double-checked with the lawyers.  She focuses on helping managers manage better and helping employees understand how to navigate the world of work. Her work has appeared in Inc, The New York Times, CBS Moneywatch, Cornerstone's ReWork, and many other places. She blogs at www.EvilHRLady.org


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