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HR People and Technology People

BalanceTRAK is built and backed by Berkshire —a company where HR people and technology people work together to build easy-to-use HR solutions. BalanceTRAK is the latest innovation—better pricing, better implementation, and better results for your recruiting. 

About Berkshire

Over three decades ago, Berkshire began as one of the first companies to provide an automated way of helping companies comply with Department of Labor AA/EEO regulatory requirements. At the time, the revolutionary technology made Berkshire an industry leader, and we continue to set the standard for the tools needed to build a balanced workforce. Over the years, Berkshire continued to expand its capabilities. Our current offerings include a range of services, training, software, and web-based products that allow companies to depend on Berkshire for a comprehensive solution. Due to the quality of our services and software, Berkshire is one of the most sought-after providers in the industry.

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