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Powerful Simplicity.

In a world where 80% of companies are unhappy with their ATS, we built balanceTRAK, a forward-leaning talent acquisition system built for high-volume and high demand hiring.

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The Features You Need


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Problem. Solved.

The problem? Eighty percent of companies are unhappy with their ATS, so we built balanceTRAK. A talent acquisition system that gives you the features you need, without the clutter of the ones you don't. Our happiest feature? Simplicity. BalanceTRAK is easy to implement, easy to use, ultimately making it easy to hire.

  • Manage Requisitions
  • Automate Workflows
  • Collaborate with Hiring Team
  • Engage Star Candidates
  • Create Custom Career Page
  • Improve Your Job Seeker Experience
  • Monitor Performance

A Better Candidate Experience

Make a Positive Impression

Recruiters understand the importance of a smooth job seeker experience when trying to attract quality talent. Using the simplicity of balanceTRAK’s job seeker management tools, recruiters can avoid the mistakes that frustrate candidates. From the questions you ask to a branded career page, balanceTRAK helps to facilitate a positive experience for applicants.


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